VPN Setup Guide

We require everybody to use a VPN to connect to our IPTV Streaming Services. The VPN ensures that your activity remains private and will prevent any problems with your Internet Service Provider. This guide shows you how to setup our VPN software on your device, and how to enable it.

Using the VPN, you will also be able to access country restricted content from other locations (e.g. you will be able to access US Netflix while outside of the US).

Installing the VPN Software

Before installing the VPN Software, you should have already completed our Setup Guide, so you should already have the “Downloader” App installed. If you haven’t completed the Setup Guide or don’t have the Downloader App installed, please click here to access our setup guide and first install the “Downloader” App.

Now open the Downloader App on your device.

Once the app is open, select the box and enter the URL “uftv.xyz/apk/vpn.apk” to start downloading the VPN software.

Please note: The above link is for Amazon FireTV and Android TV Devices ONLY. If you have a different device, then please click the appropriate link below to download the version you need:

Microsoft Windows | Apple Mac | Google Play Store Devices | iOS Devices

Once the app is downloaded, click “Install” in the box that appears, and then click “Open” once the installation has completed.

Once the app opens, you will be presented with the following screen. Scroll down to “Settings” and click “OK” on your remote.

On the settings screen, you will see a box to input your VPN Username & Password. You will have received these login details via e-mail when you signed up to our service. Please check your inbox for your “VPN Credentials” email. Then type your username in the username box, your password in the password box, and click “Update”.

You will then be taken back to the VPN Software homepage, hover over “Server location” and press the “OK” button on your remote to select a server location. We recommend using the closest server location to you, for the best speeds.

Then simply click on the power icon “Switch On” to enable the VPN.

With the VPN software turned on, you will notice “Your current IP” address changes, this shows you that you are now using a secure and private connection, and you’re ready to start streaming!

The VPN app will save your username and password, so all you need to do is open the app and click “Switch On” when you want to enable the VPN and start streaming.

With the VPN enabled, you can click the home button on your remote and use your device as you normally would.